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2006-05-27 | Jentra 5 month old today

And she grows and grows. We are starting to get quite a few pictures of Jentra. All are digital pictures. But Noi want to put some in a normal album. She selected 300 pictures. It is not only pictures of Jentra. There are some other pictures too. It is going to be very fun when we get them later.

Today I change a little how the photo album works. Noi wanted to have some previous and next buttons. So when you click on a picture in the overview of the pictures you get a HTML page with the picture in. Instead of the picture as it were before. And there you have some navigation buttons. This is also a first step to be able to display some text to the picture.

Now Remedy Action Request System has been released in a new version, 7.0. One of the big things in this release is that it can now be a true unicode system from client to database. There have been some reports about upgrading existing installation to 7.0 with unicode support. It is suggested that you do a new install on a fresh system and then move application and data to the new server. They are working on a tool to make this easier.

I have not yet look at version 7.0 of Remedy Action Request System. So I have nothing to report yet. I will start working on making 7.0 support in core*ar. The basics are not so different from 6.3. There are some new data types. But the unicode support will take some time.

This weekend the Swedish championship(in Swedish) in go is played. I was supposed to be there. But there is no time. I am working too much. I have too little time for my wife and daughter. So I just felt it better to stay home and take care of the family. After having lot of players coming to play in the tournaments it now looks like it going down again. That is a little bit sad. My wife likes the game. So I have to get her to play somebody else then me and the computer. I am planning to go to Stockholm open(in Swedish). And maybe even Noi can play there. It would be very nice. The problem is where to put Jentra.

Update: 2006-05-27
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