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unknown pictureComputers are my main occupation. Programming is what I do all the time. Both in my profession and in my private time. This site for instance is a small Perl project. It is kind of a Content Management System thing.

divingI like diving. It is really relaxing. I am not an advanced diver. I prefer warm water. And watching the wildlife is enough. I would like to start doing some more serious photography. So a casing for my digital camera is on the to buy list.

unknown pictureI have always liked games. Both before computers and now on computers. Actually my favorite game is a board game called go in the western world. It is originally from China. The rules are simple. But the structure of the game is very complex. And so far computers are far from playing as good as humans.

swedenI was born in Sweden. It will always be my home. I do not mind the cold. It is a nice change. The bigger problem is the dark. OK, in one way the cold and dark make it more easy to stay in with the computer. But the dark kind of put you in a low mode.

thailandI visited Thailand first time in 1993. And I liked it at once. It is kind of the opposite of Sweden. Nothing is really ordered or planed. And that makes it kind of relaxing if you can handle not being in control all of the time. The weather and the people is very nice.

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