About http://jens.yllman.se/

About http://jens.yllman.se/

This site is the home for me, Jens Yllman, on the World Wide Web. Here I will put information that interest me.

The site is actually kind of a Content Management System. I have build it in Perl. That way I can easily redesign the site without having to rewrite every page. And also I do not have to think about having to write correct HTML. Just have to make sure the software creates correct output.

At the moment the code is under development. Only the main features like writing formatted text and links is working. The only kind of special thing I have so far is the news/blog handling. It makes that part more dynamic.

Things on the TODO list is search and recent changes and photo album. Also I want handling of different languages and of designs not just consisting of one menu and one document. Problem is that I will probably be to busy working to earn money to finish that code soon.

Update: 2005-07-13
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