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2010-11-30 | Thai-Supermart

On the 19th of November Noi opened a store selling Asian food. It is called Thai-Supermart. It is located in Bromma, or more exact in Åkeshov. It is close to our home. And there is nobody selling this type of things in the area.

So we have been open for little bit more then a week. But there are still many things that is not up and working. But today internet came and now we accept credit cards for payment. The big thing that is still missing is our sign showing where we are. We still have not got any permit form the local government to put it up. Hope it will happen soon. We need to be visible, so people see where we are.

Tomorrow we will have a catering firm visiting and selling some take away. We hope it will be some kind of permanent solution. It seem to be a big demand in the area for that. We might also start selling normal Swedish base food like milk, butter and bread.

2010-07-01 | Where have I been?

Who knows? :) Serious, I kind of got bored of writing a blog and play with my code for this site. And also priorities change. Other things got in the way.

The children are growing at rocket speed. Soon Jentra will start school. OK, maybe not that soon. But it feels like time is flying by and in just little bit over a year she stops daycare and starts to prepare to go to primary school. In Sweden we let the children prepare for school for one year. Strange? It is actually a middle way to lowering the starting age or not for primary school. :)

Jetrin is now also speaking two languages for real. When we visited Thailand last time, 3 months, ago she got it all started. She have listened and understood her mother for a long time. But now both Jentra and Jetrin are speaking both Swedish and Thai. And Jentra has actually started to learn English at daycare. And both of them understand some sign language, even if only very basic. In the old daycare they taught sign language a little since one of the children needed it. They are going to be super good with languages when they grow up. Not like their father who barely speak Swedish. :)

So, I'm I back. Probably not. I'm actually writing some code for the web. So I might be back with a better engine for this site. But since money comes first I do not know if or when it is going to happen. And since it is little bit to much work to write/update/maintain information here I will not write often. But one good thing about setting up this site is that I've learn a lot about what is really needed in the software running the site.

One of the reasons I write here is because I have actually changed server. Finally I would say. I was starting to prepare for it. I bought new hardware and all. And I were planning for testing new Linux distros and software. But then it happened. The thing you do not want. The old hardware dies. And you have to do a panic install in the new hardware. It seem to have worked fine. :)

2007-07-18 | More pictures

The update of the site yesterday was only to get Jetrin on the site. Today we have updated Jentras pictures. We have not done that for a long time. So it took more then 2 hours to get them all sorted and in to the albums.

The way the albums work does not really help putting new pictures up. I need to think of something to help me. But at the moment I have to much to do with new baby and some other things that is supposed to bring in the money, like core*ar Evolution. The core*ar Evolution team also have some new projects.

core*ar still have some problems with the DNS. The money was payed to renew the domain. But it seem to have gotten transfered to some other registering company. And it takes forever to register it again.

2007-07-17 | Second wonder

Little bit more then a week ago, on July 9, Noi and I got our second daughter. I was caught of guard, she came 16 days before planned delivery. So many things happened at the same time. Nois parents coming here to Sweden and everything. But now it have started to calm down.

The small one was little bit bigger then her sister on delivery, 51cm and 3190g. And her name will be Jetrin Yllman. The weight check today show that everything is going well and she eating good. Noi say she is sucking very hard. Both Jentra and Jetrin started eating directly when they were put down next to Nois food source.

2007-07-04 | Holiday holiday holiday

Now I have holiday. Atleast I can try to believe that. I have no bookings with any customers. But there are lots of things to take care of anyway. But I hope there will be alot of time to take care the family.

Last saturday Nois parents came to sweden. It is their first time flying. It seems to have gone well. So now we have extra help to take care of the house. We already cleared away alot of things we do not want. And some things we do want. Nois parents seem to bee little bit bored. So when they hade nothing to do they clear away our raspberrys too. But what also is good that they are here is to help us when baby number two comes, in about 3 weeks.

I have made a small change in how the blog work. When you enter the blog you will see the 5 most recent entries. And after that you will get a list of old entries. Just press on the entry you want to see and you will get the text. It will speed up the load time for the blog a little.

Another thing I have changed on the site is that the pages in an album is marked as something not to index. But the search engines still do anyway. I hoped it would go away. I guess they cache as long as possible, just to have as many web pages as possible in there index.

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