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2006-10-31 | Valid HTML or not?

I often complain about how bad web sites are coded. Not valid according to the HTML specs. And I often think I am very good at following the specs. But how do you really make sure a Wiki always generate valid HTML. Especially when you have a Wiki that uses plugins. At the moment I have no good way to really test this site. Now and then I manually test pages for links and HTML/CSS validity. And now and then I find things I missed. URIs in <a>/<img> and other tags sometimes contain &. & is a common character in an URI but is a special character in SGML. Most browser handles the case when you do not code the URI in <a>/<img>. But it should be coded as &amp;. Today I fixed that kind of error on this site.

The CSS on the site is valid. But the validator at W3C gives a few warnings. I do not think they give any problem. But in the future I would like to make them go away.

Bigger problem for me then correct HTML is spelling. My language skills just seem to get worse and worse. Often I use spell checker to correct my spelling. But often that changes words into something completely different. I have to double check what words it gets changed to. So the meaning does not get lost.

Now I have put more pictures in Jentras album.

Update: 2006-10-31
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