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2007-05-31 | Long time no see

Long time since I wrote here. Family and work have taken all my time. Only thing I have done with the site is to put some pictures of Jentra. There are many things I want to do with this site. But at the moment I do not even have time to keep what is here already up to date. But now at least I show here that I am alive.

Jentra is growing. And from tomorrow she will start daycare for real. It will make it little bit more easy for Noi. She thinks it is to hard taking care of Jentra while she is pregnant. And I understand her.

We are now planning for Noi's parents to come here to us in Sweden. I really hope they will like it and not get bored at once. Noi want them to stay for 3 months. So we are planning for that. It will also give me some time to do other things. Maybe I can give this site a new start. I will not work for 2 months this summer. Only take care of my family.

In Thailand big things are happening. Thai Rak Thai has been dissolved and many of the top members were banned from politics for 5 years. Democracy in Thailand is having a hard time. OK, court seems to have proof of some misconduct from Thai Rak Thai. But I am not sure what happened now is really a good thing. Now I hope more then ever that the military let go and give the people a chance to choose their leaders.

Update: 2007-05-31
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