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2006-09-26 | 9 months of happiness

Tomorrow my daughter will be 9 months old. She have just started walking by herself. She has been walking with support for a long time, but now she has started to walk without holding on to something.

The situation is calm in Thailand now. The military is still in control. People have accepted the situation even if many people like Taksin. One reason for the calm can be that the people who like Taksin are the poor people. And they do not have enough money to gather and make trouble. They have to take care of their farm so they have food on the table. In Phetchabun, where my wife comes from, there are a few military road blocks. Other then that everything looks like normal.

It is about one year since I had accident and burned my leg. It took about 3 months for the open wound to close. And now the skin is still brown. But it is as expected.

Update: 2006-09-26
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