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2005-12-29 | Life is wonderful

A couple of days ago, on December 27 to be more exact, Noi and I got a daughter. It feels really great. She is fine and she is 49cm tall and weight 3150g. Today we got home from hospital. And we are so happy. Pictures and some information will be at Jentra Yllman. I will add more there during the coming days.

So far we only have the Thai name for the baby. But we will decide on some Swedish name soon. But Noi and me have called her Jentra from the beginning.

Swedish health care is new to Noi. So much more is included. And much more information about how to take care baby. I think now she feel she can trust it more. And feel that she can get help if she wonder something. It give her more strength.

Just a small note. The spam level keeps constant. But it looks like the e-mail injection thing seems to be over. I hope. Or the people running it have been on holiday.

Update: 2005-12-29
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