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2005-12-08 | E-mail injection

There is still people trying to use my contact forms to send e-mail. I think it is not working. But anyway I get all the contacts in mail mailbox. It is annoying. So this morning I looked a little more on the web about this. And it seems it is called e-mail injection. When you search on google you get many hits about this. I hope soon they give up on my forms. I am tired of them trying.

I could also list many e-mail addresses that these persons use. When you search on them you get many many forms that has been attacked. It is kind of funny that almost all e-mail addresses use on my forms are AOL addresses.

I forgot to tell everybody that Noi had birthday the other day. She seemed very happy about she get cake and presents. She is not used to that. Now she is 27 years old. And soon mother of her first child. Our first child.

Update: 2005-12-08
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