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2005-11-17 | Big load lifted from my shoulders

Today me and my wife Noi finally got answer about Nois application for permanent residence in Sweden. She can come to Sweden. So far I do not know if it is for one year or more. Of curse we can apply again for longer stay. So now we know that we will be together when our baby is born. That feels great.

Last time I was together with my wife was September - October 2005 when I visited her in her house in Thailand. I have written a little about that. It is all in Swedish. And you can read about it here.

And also, I have not told you here before that Noi is pregnant with our baby. But she is. And in January 2006 we will become parents. We are so happy. Finally a real family. Ultra sound suggests it is a girl.

Update: 2005-11-17
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