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2005-11-06 | Problems with CSS and Firefox

I discovered that my site did not look good in the Firefox browser. Or actually it is version 1.0.4 to 1.0.7 that does not look good. I am running Firefox as my default browser. But I am always running a late nightly build. So I did not see that the released versions did not display things in the same way.

After some trouble shooting I discovered that <div style="clear:both"></div> was the problem. In Internet Explorer and in Firefox where my page did display well that construct did make the <div></div> that contained the float and the clear did take space. But in the Firefox version that the site did not display well the <div> with clear was removed. I tried some different versions and discovered that as soon as the browser thought the <div> tag to be empty it was treated same as display:none. So I had to make it contain something. And that is the solution I have now. Often you have floats that does not have something below them. And that is when you want an empty <div> that does clear. Now my clear is 1 pixel high.

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Update: 2005-11-06
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