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2005-09-16 | core¤ar Evolution

If you are looking for tool to help you develop and maintain applications on a Remedy Action Request System you should look at core¤ar Evolution. It is a tool for doing data modeling for the Remedy Action Request System platform. The data model can even create some workflow to maintain the model. core¤ar Evolution also contains functions for correcting your naming and numbering of fields. And you should look at how easy the tool is for maintaining permissions on fields.

Another thing to note is that my server seems to turn of the interface to internet from time to time. And I can not find why. I just started to happen all of a sudden. I see nothing in my logs. I wonder if somebody know of some way that some network traffic can make a linux 2.4.2x kernel to shut down a interface for an hour or so? I am using iptables and have most ports blocked.

Update: 2005-09-16
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